Special Report Pulwama attack: The biggest attack in the last 30 years on the army in Jammu and Kashmir, and Media Character

“Are dying young martyrs or not?
Leaders, journalists and civilians can call them martyrs, but officially, they are not martyrs.”

Ankita mishra(BJMC Student, ASU), New Delhi, N.I.T. : Kashmir’s Pulwama Terror Attack: In Pulwama district of Jammu Kashmir (Pulwama attack) there was a big terrorist attack on 14 February (Thursday). A terrorist from Jaish-e-Mohammed hit the bus of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in a vehicle loaded with explosives, in which at least 40 soldiers were martyred.

“Do not get pension for soldiers killed in Pulwama attack?”

Information from sources revealed that the election of 2019 was to be announced on Friday, due to which the next election was adjourned for 20 days after the terrorist attack, so other changes were made in the parties like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and The ruling BJP, Congress has canceled its own campaign. In the ensuing elections, 2019, Gujarat Minister of State Ganpat Singh Vasava said that Pakistan should be taught a lesson, even if it requires voting for a delay of 2 months, PM Narendra Modi also expressed his anger against Pakistan, this hateful and brutal assault The condemnation should not be taken by the terrorist group lightly, should be retaliation against Pakistan, after all the spoken words of these politicians, and Was any retaliation against Pakistan Stw, the answer is a big ‘NO’, yet does not take any action.

But all the political parties are in support of the Modi government to take action against the terrorist group and the fullest exemption of terrorists to choose their way. Kashmiri students are in the state after the terror attack. Due to harassment in colleges, many Kashmiri students have been wrestling from their colleges like Uttarakhand and these incidents have taken notice in Jaipur, one point is that there is no point in harassing and harassing the Kashmiri people. It is because they belong to Jammu and Kashmir, what are the political parties doing for it, if nothing else why the Modi government can not take steps to stop it, Kashmir The people should be given fair security so that no further issue can be found.

Let us tell you that there were 11 terrorist attacks in India:
• 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts
• 1998 Coimbatore bombings
• 2001 Parliament attack conviction
• 2002 attack on Akshardham temple
• 2005 Delhi serial bomb blasts
• 2006 Bombay train blast
• 2007 Samjhauta Express Bomb Explosions
• 26/11 Mumbai Attack 2008
• 2008 Jaipur Blast
2008 Bombing in Assam
• 2016 URI attack

Pulwama attack

There were several terrorist attacks under the Congress Party and it showed that no action has been taken by the party to control terrorism. Because there are some attacks that have happened under the BJP party and even this party is also failing to think about the security of our country from the terrorist. Since the Modi government is in the BJP’s power, therefore, in 2016 the Indian troops responded to the URI attack Pakistan, which was called a surgical strike and also won for our soldiers and our country.

Whom does journalism provoke after the Pulwama?

It is a superhit masala and the media around the world has used it to increase its popularity and profits. The media of India and Pakistan is doing the same.

In spite of this, it is necessary to say that since the death of more than 40 CRPF soldiers in Pulwama on February 14, media coverage till now has been the toughest of journalism.

He has earned a lot of mischief in violation of all the lines of journalism. No doubt, this is the worst time for journalism.

This is the reason that today’s blasphemous and provocative anchors are being viewed as villains. They are being condemned and condemned.

Questions related to the Pulwama attack, whose answers are awaiting

  • After the attack, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir said that ingelence input was received but it was ‘ignored’. The biggest question is that if the intelligence related to the attack was received, why was not it taken seriously?
  • It takes months to prepare for such a big attack, in the meantime if the army or the Home Ministry does not seem to know such an attack, then this is not a big mistake in India’s intelligence system
  • Jammu-Srinagar highway is one of those roads where strict security standards in the country are applicable. All common trains are examined strictly on this highway. After all, how could a car filled with explosives dodge the highway’s high security?
  • How did the 250-300 kilogram explosive come to India, and if it did not come out from the outside, how did the explosive attackers get such a huge amount?
  • The reason behind breaking the 78 carriage convoy together is causing the bad weather. So, could not this airilithed with this number of 2547 soldiers?

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