British Super Model Kiran Rai wins award from All India Radio

Mumbai, N.I.T. : Super model and award winning actor Kiran Rai who recently won the IFF award in Mumbai in 2018 and now won an award from the indian goverment presented by All India radio for contributions towards his work in the arts and entertainment industry which he has hosted more than 101 grand events including being featured in 650+ newspapers worldwide and has decided to come to Bollywood and do his best to break into the market.

He has stated that “ I am doing what I love regardless if I make money or not “ which has impressed me from sitting opposite him as most Bollywood actors have a sort of arrogance but he is very genuine and sincere towards people.

A feature was written about him in the world renowned mumbai halchal newspaper last week that winning awards and being published isn’t what he cares about “ I don’t care about fame, I love what I do and I’ve been very lucky, sometimes you meet people and it doesn’t work out but you keep trying and that’s the important thing “ he was on a world tour last year that saw him roam around the world in 42 countries in two separate tours and was the brand ambassador and sponsorship director for the cake bake and sweet show 2018 and said “ yes working for that company is amazing but now I am working on myself and my life “ Kiran Rai who speaks Hindi and English has said I love learning new languages but getting to know people is great “ Rai has currently been in Delhi but will be going to Mumbai this week.


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